[Tides of Time]

Valentines exchange piece 2018, by Podgor, author of Subject M.


Romance novel parody exchange art by Mel Cormac, author of Waste of Time.



Images by Spidar, author of  Rowin Redd and Death Child.


Headshot by Joeyballast, author of Cato's Apprenticeship, also featuring other ComicFury characters. Comic links: 

The Second Crimean War, Mallory Bash, Bicycle Boy, Pow! Right in the Nostalgia, Autumn Bay.

I will add links to the other comic when I find out which the character is from. ^w^'


Headshot of the 'antler guy' by Fabian W., author of Cryptida, also featuring characters from other ComicFury comics. Comic links:

Pow! Right in the Nostalgia, Alvery Nerveaux's Secret Case Files, Awkward Paws, Bleach Blonde Valkyries of the Fourth Reich, and another comic I will add the link to when I find it.


Art by Leafa/Herbal Jabbage. Comics found here.


Christmas Crossover Exchange 1017 piece by Jay042, author of Kaza's Mate, Gwenna.


Halloween Duble Feature Exchange piece by AugustaCaesar of The Adventures of Buckeye and Turbo


A piece from the Comicfury Character-Swap Exchange by Alicia The Bard, author of Messenger.


Art by Spidar, author of  Rowin Redd and Death Child!


A summer crossover exchange piece by Vincethestick, author of Threshold: The Story of Vance Hibbert.


Nate and a fish by Bobblit, author of A Tale Yet Unclaimed.


Comic by Fabian W., author of Cryptida , from the 2017 Easter fanart exchange.


A 2017 Valentines crossover piece by Alicia, Author of Silver.


Art by Spidar, author of  Rowin Redd.


Christmas doodles by Lilbluebox, author of an upcoming comic.


A crossover by ShastaB24, author of Karabear Comics Presents Special, and Karabear Comics Unlimited.


A crossover piece for the 2016 halloween exhange by Keltyzoid! Featuring characters from their comic, Nightlight.


Nate by Mel Cormac, author of Waste of Time!


A crossover for the summer exchange by Spidar, with their comic, Rowin Redd


The surprisingly popular fish, drawn by Joeyballast, of Cato's apprenticeship!


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