[Tides of Time]

4- Reaching Out

19th October, 2017 in Arc 1 Interlude
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4- Reaching Out
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Author Notes:

19th October, 2017
What exactly Stanza did is something that will be revealed in time.

So, this is the last page of this interlude! Next week we'll be heading back to the main story. Well, the cover of it. But after that! I honestly can't wait to get back to working on it.

I'm really excited to get started on posting arc 2/6 >w<


20th October, 2017
Hm. I am still not exactly sure what is going on with this conversation but I assume Nate's mom actually had something in mind when she sent him away? Like she knew more than she let out at that time...
20th October, 2017
Apologies that this didn't come out too clearly!

There isn't actually anything too out there going on here. Essentially, Annie didn't realise those people were pirates, and Stanza just told her she saw Nate get taken, as she happened to be nearby at the time. That's pretty much it for stuff that's getting revealed right now!
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